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Storage Unit Rental Considerations

The short answer is that there is little distance to move your items into your self storage unit. The longer answer is that this allows you to easily move and access your belongings. In addition, there is less chance for damage to your belongings from transport.

The size self storage unit you require depends on what you intend to store in your unit. Use our Self Storage Unit Size Guide [LINK] to determine what size unit would work best for your needs.

Stop by our office and our staff will be happy to help you with your unit. You can also call to ask about available self storage units.

Besides the size of your self storage unit, you will want to consider proximity to where you live or work, hours of operation, and ease of access to the unit.

While we will do our best to accommodate you with the appropriate size self storage unit, our facility maintains a very high rate of occupancy. If we can move you to the right sized self storage unit, we will do that. Just contact our staff and we will assist you. Changing storage units requires a great deal of work. For this reason, we suggest that you consult our size guide to help determine what size you require ahead of

Furniture, household items, collectibles, vehicles, files, recreational vehicles – just about anything that is not on the ‘do not store’ list (see below) can be stored in your self storage unit.

The following items are not to be stored at Space Station Self Storage:

  1. Combustible Materials

Any materials that can explode, corrode or catch fire are not permitted in your storage unit. These include, but are not limited to: gasoline, diesel, propane tanks, artillery, paint thinner, acetone, paint, tires, batteries, fireworks, and explosives.

  1. Perishable Items

Any materials that can spoil, rot or mold are not permitted in your storage unit. Food, food service equipment that has not been thoroughly cleaned, and/or other items that can degrade are not permitted because these items attract pests and can be a health threat to you and other renters.

  1. Living Organisms

No living thing is permitted to be stored in your storage unit. Animals, plants and other living matter cannot thrive in a storage environment. In addition, if stored and they perish, these can become a biohazard.

  1. Radioactive Items

Radioactive materials are not allowed to be stored in your storage unit. These items are dangerous and can cause harm to others. In addition, it is illegal to store these items.

  1. Stolen Property

Illegally obtained items are not permitted to be stored in your storage unit. Any illegal or stolen property will be dealt with accordingly.

Yes, Space Station Self Storage accepts all major credit cards.

We take pride in the fact that we do not use price gimmicks to sign new customers. Your rent will cost the same for as long as you rent your unit. We raise rent only occasionally and this is all across the board to all renters. In this case, you will be notified ahead of time, and can make a decision about continuing on or terminating your lease at that time.

Move-In Considerations

A lock is not provided with your storage unit rental. You are welcome to use a lock that you have or you can purchase a lock from our office. Some locks are harder to breach than other locks. We provide round locks that are difficult to access.

No, Space Station Self Storage does not provide any packing materials. These can be easily obtained at any big box store, office supply store or box supply company. Ask our staff for a recommendation if you are new to the area.

No, Space Station Self Storage does not provide rental trucks. These are available at other businesses who rent trucks. Our staff would be happy to offer you suggestions about where you can rent a truck for your moving needs.

Space Station Self Storage does not provide carts, dollies or any other moving tools due to safety concerns. Ask our staff for recommendations if you require these.

Storage Unit Rental

No, Space Station Self Storage is one of the few storage rental facilities that does not require that you carry insurance. You store here at your own risk. If you do want to carry insurance, you are responsible for purchasing an insurance policy and paying the premiums. If you do want to secure insurance for your unit, please talk to our staff.

When you store your belongings at Space Station Self Storage, you are storing these items at your own risk. Space Station Self Storage is not responsible for your belongings. If you have a homeowners’ or a renter’s insurance policy, these policies often will pay damages on any stored property in case they are stolen or damaged. If you do not have insurance, your property is not protected against theft or damage.

You are responsible for buying a lock to secure your storage unit. Several locks are available in our office and we supply high security locks that are difficult to breach by thieves. Each time you enter and leave your storage unit, it is your responsibility to lock your unit.

You can access your storage unit any time during operating business hours, currently 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM.

Each rental contract begins on the date you rent your unit. If you rent your unit on the 10th of January, for example, then your rent is due on the 10th of every month. Your monthly rental begins on the date you rented your unit. Your rent is due on that date each month.

You can mail your payment, come by the office and drop it off (we have a mail slot where you can drop it off at any time – even after office hours, or pay online here on the website.

All rentals are month-to-month. No long-term contract is required.

If your unit rent payment is late, a late charge of X will apply. You must pay both your rent and your late payment to be considered up-to-date on your rental agreement.

If you do not pay your storage unit rent, after 30 days we will commence proceedings to obtain a court order to sell your property via auction. When you do not pay your payment, your property becomes the property of Space Station Self Storage and we will sell your property to pay for your unpaid storage unit rent. If you can’t pay your payment, please contact us. Our goal is to help our customers and we would rather talk to you about what is going on than to simply vacate your storage unit. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to pay your storage unit rent on time every month.

We require X days advance notice to terminate your storage unit rental agreement. We ask that you provide this to us in writing and send this to us via mail or by dropping it off at the office. If you want to email us your termination notice, please follow up with a phone call to ensure we received your email.

The way you handle your storage unit rental is up to you. We do suggest that you check on your belongings from time to time to ensure that your storage unit is secure and your items are in good shape.

For the protection of your property, Space Station Self Storage does not store a duplicate key for your unit. This ensures that you, and only you, are the only one who has access to your belongings. If you lose your key, our staff can help you with options to access your storage unit.

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