Love to camp? Dream of owning a little camper? Already have an airstream? Are you an old school camper with all the camping gear of yesteryear?

Regardless of what your camping style is, a self storage unit can deliver a little slice of heaven for you to store all your camping gear in one place so that it is ready anytime you are. In Texas, campers can camp nearly all year around. From campers who head out two to four times a year to those who head out every month, a self storage unit can make hitting the road a lot easier.

Follow these suggestions to make the most out of your camping self storage unit:

Choose a unit you can easily access. If you plan to store camping gear, choose a unit that you can drive up to and unload right from your vehicle. Can you imagine how cumbersome it would be to haul all your supplies back and forth to a unit that is not as easy to access?

Determine what you want from your camping self storage unit. Some campers simply want to free up garage space at home. Others want to keep their gear in good shape and make it easy to hit the road. Take some time and consider what you really want from your self storage experience. Draw a diagram of what you envision and how it would work.

Pack smart from the start. If you plan to park a camping trailer, consider storing your camping essentials inside. Nesting camping essentials inside your camper can help you choose a smaller size self storage unit. Be sure to consider how to secure these items once you hit the road!

Plan on Self Storage. If you don’t already have camping gear and/or a camper, consider including the cost of a unit each month in your camping budget. Think of your camping expenditure as part of the ‘price’ of camping. Compare this with the high cost of hotels, and soon camping will look like a bargain.

Store right for the best experience. Camping utilizes a lot of supplies that need to be cleaned, drained, and properly stored. Before parking your camping trailer or storing your camping supplies, be sure to drain fluids, clean all food exposed areas, and store everything completely dry. The last thing you want to encounter after months of storage is any camping gear that has been stored wet – mildew is not your friend and it can wreak havoc on your camping gear!

Camping can deliver memories that will last a lifetime. With some planning and a system that works well for you, self storage can make camping easier and a whole lot more fun. Space Station Self Storage is centrally located on a major interstate – I-30; give us a call at 817-460-5452 to see if a camping self storage unit is right for you!