Whether your company is established, in a growth phase or a bustling start-up, an off-site business storage unit can be a smart solution to minimize operating costs.

In each phase of business, there are different reasons why business owners decide to utilize offsite business storage. These reasons can vary from industry to industry, but usually follow a typical business life cycle.

The Start-up

In a new business, every dollar counts. Business office space can cost from tens to hundreds of dollars per square foot. For entrepreneurs, off-site storage can cut lease costs by minimizing the amount of space required. Office supplies, product storage, and file storage can be stored off-site for significantly less than office space. Depending on your industry, you may choose to house large equipment or mobile equipment, too. With our proximity to area attractions, such as AT&T Stadium, Arlington Convention Center, Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, and The Ballpark, businesses that attend events in the area may choose to establish a self-storage unit in the area.

Growing Business

Offsite business storage can leverage stretched assets when a business is growing. By accessing an off-site storage unit for all non-essentials, business owners can maximize office space for day-to-day company essentials. Business owners have used their off-site storage units to access inventory, store company business files, store extra office furniture, and house conference tables that previously took precious office space to make room for new personnel.

Established Company

Long-time business owners often utilize off-site storage for non-essential business items. Retired documents that the company must save due to recordkeeping considerations, spare furniture, seasonal equipment, and quick-access non-essentials such as company picnic items. Smart company owners have discovered that off-site storage is just plain good business sense.

Strategies for Off-site Business Storage

If you are interested in utilizing off-site business storage for your company, use these five simple strategies to get the most bang for your buck.

  1. Decide What You Want – Get clear about what you want to achieve from using off-site storage. Do you want to minimize operating costs? Do you want to improve overall organization? A combination of both?
  2. Make a List of What You Will Store – Create an exhaustive list of everything you want to store. Simply listing ‘storage files’ is not a good idea. You will need an accurate idea of how many banker boxes or file cabinets you plan to store. This will be important for step number three.
  3. Create a Storage PlanUse our storage planning guide to determine how you can store your company’s items. Store items you do not plan to access in the back and put frequently accessed items toward the front. Be sure to leave room for an aisle if you or your employees will need to access items in the back of the unit.
  4. Calculate the Size Storage Unit Perfect for Your Company – Once you have a plan and a layout for your storage unit, determine the right size for your company. If you believe your company will continue to grow, consider adding square footage so that your business storage unit can keep pace with your business.
  5. Secure Your Off-site Business Storage Unit – When you know what size business storage you need, call and reserve your storage unit right away!

Here at Space Station Self Storage, we are always happy to work with business owners. If you have questions about your specific situation, give us a call. We are happy to help.