Tailgating in Texas is its own sport. In Arlington, thousands of Dallas Cowboy and Texas Rangers fans descend upon AT&T Stadium and The Ballpark at Arlington each year. Tailgating can require as much equipment as the teams do! Bar-b-q grills, Yeti coolers, plasticware, tarps, foldable chairs, pop-up tents, garbage cans, and tables outfit tailgating day. But, where do serious tailgaters store all this gear?

Self storage can be the answer.

Conveniently located within a few miles of both stadiums, Space Station Self Storage can house all tailgating gear and have it ready to go for game day. Follow these tips for a winning game day!

Tip 1 – Keep it clean. Store all game day gear after it is clean, free of food, and completely dry. Ensure all coolers are completely dry before storing. Clean all food gear, including bar-b-q grills and tables. Do not store food.

Tip 2 – Leave flammables at home. Propane tanks, lighter fluid and charcoal briquettes cannot be stored in your self storage unit. Bring these with you on game day from home or purchase on the way to pick up your gear.

Tip 3 – Choose the right size. Determine the right size self storage unit for your game day gear. Make a list of all your equipment and determine what size will work best for you.

Tip 4 – Keep gear at the ready. Use plastic drop cloths to ensure all your gear is clean and ready to go on game day. After using your gear, cleaning up afterward, store your gear in a way that when you pull it out, it is ready to go. Store it in the order you will load it into our vehicle and use plastic drop cloths or cloth drop cloths to keep your gear clean until the next game day. This will minimize how much time it takes for you to set up next time!

Tip 5 – Give yourself enough time. If you plan to store electronics such as portable speakers and other gameday electronics, ensure you arrive in enough time to charge your gear or bring extra batteries if you plan to go the battery-operated route. If you need to stop by the store to pick up ice, ensure you give yourself extra time to get everything you need.

Keeping all your game day gear in one place, having a system that works for you, and freeing up storage at your home can make game day so much more enjoyable. This can make a small self storage unit so worth the investment! Space Station Self Storage is just minutes from both stadiums, give us a call at 817-460-5452 to see if a game day self storage unit is right for you!